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A Decade of Recruitment Experience in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its financial services industry, and most people with an interest in financial services would jump at the chance to work there. Working in Switzerland can take you to new heights of personal achievement and financial security, whether you are an experienced sales professional, financial adviser or simply considering a change of speed in your career.

If you think you have what it takes to succeed as a finance industry professional in Switzerland, you can benefit from:

  • Tax Efficient Salary

Your earnings could potentially be tax efficient, giving you greater income potential.

  • Secure path to Success

Seize the opportunity to earn unlimited earnings by joining respected financial services companies with trusted and reliable worldwide reputations.

  • Training and personal development

Progress your career with training and personal development provided, which is aimed at giving you the skills and qualifications you need to succeed in financial services sales.

  • Luxurious lifestyle

Living in Switzerland appeals to many foreigners, mainly because of its high standard of living set in a uniquely relaxed scenario. In fact, celebrities like Shania Twain, Phil Collins and Michael Schumacher are said to be enjoying the quiet life in Switzerland.

  • Travel

Switzerland can be the centre of all your world travels, with frequent flights to the UK, US and Europe.